Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doughnuts and Crescent Rolls

I was rather productive in the kitchen this morning! I made a double batch of doughnuts from Deceptively Delicious - Jessica Seinfeld's book about using vegetable purees. This particular recipe calls for pumpkin and sweet potato purees. I've made my own purees in the past, but now I just use "Farmer's Market Organic" brand.

My boys absolutely love these doughnuts. Of course I love that they loaded with whole wheat flour and the vegetable purees AND are baked! For Halloween I made a batch with some cool gooey candy bugs...isn't Spider Man cute :)
Okay, back to today. I had the dry ingredients all ready mixed up and stored in my pantry, so it was a pretty quick turn-around to get these goodies in the oven. While they baked, I decided to mix up a batch of the Whole Wheat Brioche so I can make the Cinnamon Crescent Rolls from HBin5 in the next couple of days. They look amazingly tasty in the book, and I am anxious to give it a try. I'll report back!

One batch of the doughnuts goes to a friend who bid at Spider Man's school fundraiser. For the second year, I have been the co-chair of the Silent Auction and I donated two batches of homemade doughnuts and a "Granola of the Month" club good for six batches of homemade granola (using the recipe from ABin5, of course). The boys and I tried to deliver the doughnuts, but I found out my friend was home sick with a bad toothache. I hope she's doing better. I'll get them to her soon, or we'll eat them and I'll make her a fresh batch in a week or two.

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  1. I love my mini donut pan! I bought it thinking I would give it to my niece but then put it away and forgot about it. First time I used it, I loved it and bought my niece another one!